Soo is a puppet from the Sooty series, created in 1964 by Harry Corbett. She appeared on The Weakest Link Puppet Special as a contestant.

In most of the first seven rounds, she voted for the contestants that were eliminated from each round, except in the fifth round, where she voted for Nobby instead of Roly Mo. In the third round, she was voted as the Weakest Link by Roland Rat (who, hilariously, nicknamed her as "Soo The Beaver"), but the rest of the team voted for Zippy And George, eliminating them from the game during that round.

Soo and Roland competed against each other in the final round. During this round, Soo gave her last wrong answer to her first question, and answered all the rest of her questions correctly, winning her charity, the World Wide Fund for Nature, the prize money of £11,500.