Otis the Aardvark, nicknamed Otis the Anteater by Roland Rat, is a former puppet from CBBC. He appeared as a contestant on The Weakest Link Puppet Special, and was in the first position.

In the first round, Otis voted for Soo as the "Weakest Link", while a majority of the team voted for The Leprechauns, who were eliminated from the game afterwards.

During the second round of the game, Otis did not know the answers to both of his questions, but was not quite the worst player in that round, as another contestant (Zippy And George) also gave no correct answers, and also lost the team more money than Otis did.

Despite these statistics, five out of the eight remaining puppets voted for Otis: Roland Rat, Nobby, Jelly And Jackson, Zippy And George, and Soo, while the other three each voted for Zippy And George.

Prior to elimination, Anne asked Otis if he has ever been to Portugal, the correct answer to one of the questions he did not give an answer to.