Nev the Bear, or simply Nev or Neville, is a puppet from Smile and Bear Behaving Badly.

On The Weakest Link Puppet Special, he answered almost all of his questions correctly in the first three rounds, except at the end of 2:50 in the second round, where he was stumped on a math question. Also in each of the first three rounds, he voted for the worst players (The Leprechauns and Zippy And George) as the Weakest Link.

In the fourth round, Nev answered both of his questions incorrectly, and was the worst player in that round. He was voted as the Weakest Link by Roland Rat, Jelly And Jackson, Roly Mo and Soo, while he voted for Roland Rat (presumably because Roland was the only player to get one question wrong in the fourth round). As a result, Nev was eliminated from the game after four rounds.